june, 2024

Tibetan Yoga PT. 1 | Wisdom Online Course Ongoing course- registration open

Ale Chaoul does Tibetan yoga movement


Event Details

Discover the “magical movements” (trul khor) of Tibetan yoga in this groundbreaking new course taught by Dr. Alejandro Chaoul. Be guided through each yogic posture and movement, while learning how to use your breath and physical body to serve the practice of meditation, and the cultivation of genuine well-being.

What You’ll Learn:
The history of Tibetan yoga in the Bon tradition
The essential practices of trul khor or “magical movements,” the physical postures and movements of Tibetan yoga
How trul khor relates to the profound view and practice of Dzogchen
How the subtle body relates to meditation, and our experience of reality
Breathing techniques to help us cultivate calmness and peace
How to keep whatever meditation we practice fresh and inspired
Sacred and priceless techniques to benefit our spiritual life, and bring lasting wellness into our daily life


Year Around Event (2020)